Fresh Fashion Pack - 'Coral Fantasy'
Fresh Fashion Pack - 'Coral Fantasy'

Fresh Fashion Pack - 'Coral Fantasy'

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On Sale for Black History Month!!

This 'Coral Fantasy' Fresh Ensemble is sure to turn heads at every event! An absolutely captivating coral, high waisted, full-length ball skirt, paired with an exquisite white lace, crop top, proves neons are Positively Perfect for any season! 

This 'Fresh Look' features a matching 'Glass' heel and clutch set, which is also great for finishing off a wide range of outfits.

Like the sweet icing on a carrot cake, 'Coral Fantasy' will definitely satisfy your craving for something Fresh.

Fresh Fashion Packs can fit any Fresh Doll and are created and designed for an infinite amount of mix and match possibilities!

Outfit only, doll is not included.